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WaterRat Music Studios Ltd
Unit 1, 16 Monument Way East, Woking, Surrey. GU21 5LY   Tel: 01483 764444  Email: studio@waterrat.co.uk



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WaterRat Studios - Backline & Drum Kits

All rehearsal rooms come complete with backline and drum kit, supplied FREE of charge*

This normally consists of two guitar amps, a bass amp and a drum kit* taken from the following selection:

Drum Kits*
1x Five Piece Pearl BLX (12,13,16,22)
2x Five Piece Premier Resonators (13,14,16,22)
2x Five Piece Pearl Exports (12,13,16,22)
1x Five Piece Pearl Forum (12,13,16,22)

Bass Amps & Cabs
5 x Peavey FireBass 700 heads
3x Peavey TVX 410 cabs.
2x Peavey TX 410 cabs
Peavey MK6 400w head
Laney 2x15 cab.

Guitar Amps & Cabs
Marshall JMC800 100w lead
Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 100w
Marshall 100w JMP super lead
Marshall 9000 series 200w lead
3x Laney LV300H 100w lead
7x 4x12 guitar cabs.

Guitar Combos
Marshall 50w JMP super lead 2x12.  
Peavey Renown 100w 2x12.
Peavey Duce 120w 2x12   
Roland GA120 120w 2x12.
HH VS 100w 2x12.

Please Note: As this equipment is supplied free of charge we do not guarantee its availability.
* Drum kits come complete with hardware however there is an extra charge for cymbals.